About Premier IEC

  • At Premier IEC, we specialize in industrial Instrumentation and Electrical applications; delivering high quality, cost effective, safe, reliable work and performance in new construction, service, maintenance, and rebuilds.

    Premier IEC offers our customers the broadest experience available in the industry today. This experience, combined with our “on-site” direction and inspection by company owners, ensures that we are providing our customers with the level of job satisfaction that they expect and demand from a quality supplier.

    Our goal is to establish a strong, enduring relationship with every customer, so we can provide all of their electrical contracting and service needs for years to come.


  • Headquarters

    10020 Galveston Rd
    Houston, TX 77034
    Phone: 832-932-5112

  • Valve Services & Sales

    10020 Galveston Rd
    Houston, TX 77034
    Phone: 832-932-5112

  • West Texas

    328 East 40th Street
    Lubbock, TX 79408
    Phone: 832-932-51123283

  • Arkansas Operations

    3390 Phillips Rd
    Lowell, AR 72746
    Phone: 870-826-1570